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Use the Painted Churches of Texas Guide Book and your smart phone for directions to the doorstep of the church.   Download the GR reader (FREE from the APP store) scan the GR code under the word MAP.  The APP will open Google maps, it will talk to you and direct you from your current location turn by turn to the church.

Volume #1 contains ten churches, each with the physical address, GR code for the Google map, service times, short history, and items NOT TO BE MISSED describing many unique and special features. Photos that offer a quick look at the inside and out. This small 6x9 guide is easy to use and will fit in your car's glove box for safe keeping.

Cover of Guide

Cover Painted Churches of Texas

Our Journey Continues...
We wanted to put together this small collection and share it with you. As we zigzagged across the State of Texas in our RV, we developed a love for the rich history of the early Czech, French, German, Polish, Wends, Mexican and Spanish immigrants who came to America looking for a better life for their family and for religious freedom. They never forgot their heritage and their stories should never be forgotten by history. As we found in our travels and research, some of the beauty of these early churches has been lost forever to fires, politics, natural disasters and the decay of neglect. It is our hope to preserve for posterity those remaining architectural marvels with their beauty and history. Some offer gift shops as a way to raise money for restoration. Be generous. We recommend multiple visits. Lastly, we would sincerely like to thank all congregations, pastors, priest, docents and volunteers who assisted us with our visits and research. Thank you for allowing us to visit, photo and preserve the beauty of your Painted Churches of Texas.

We hope you enjoy.
Jim “Whit” Whitcomb
Jane Fanick Whitcomb.

Use your phone to scann the GR Code to the Right on your computer screen.... it will work! (Be sure to get the GR Reader for your phone)

Inside pages of Guide Book

inside page of Guide book to Painted Cjhurches of Texas